Thursday, July 24

Star Trek Prints

Hey ho, just a quick post:
I made some Star Trek prints of Kirk, Spock & McCoy. Whee-hee!

They are A5, printed on a thick, textured paper stock and each print is accompanied by a famous quote from each character.

Kirk: "To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before."
Spock: "Live Long and Prosper."
McCoy: "Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor, not an Escalator!"

They're up for sale in my Etsy shop if you would like to buy one to adorn your abode:
Captain Kirk Print
Spock Print
McCoy Print

So there we go, how fast was that?! Aww, yeah!

Thursday, July 17

Classic British Meal Prints

Wa-hey, those British Meal Illustrations I was talking about last month have finally been printed! Wahoo!
Again, they were printed by the ever awesome Ripe Digital on a lovely textured paper stock.

I'm very pleased with how they've turned out, and they are now on sale in my Etsy Shop, so you can mosey on over there if you would like to buy any - perhaps for the foody in your life?

Sunday, July 13

Utopia Series 2

To celebrate Utopia Series 2 starting tomorrow night on Channel 4 at 10pm, I've done some fairly average life drawings of the main cast. I thought it would be a good way to practice my drawing skills, as I don't draw many things in a realistic way any more; I found it rather therapeutic to do - even if each person doesn't look exactly how they are meant to... Practice makes perfect!

I used watercolour pencils for most of them, and then just a good old pencil for the others. I originally started doing this to set myself a little project in life drawing. I thought I would draw the characters from productions in which I really liked the soundtrack of. So I started with Utopia, as their soundtrack is pretty damn good and was composed by Cristobal Tapia de Veer.

I just really get a kick out of fantastic soundtracks, the melding of amazing visuals and the right musical track can really heighten the impact of a story. Next I'm hoping to draw characters (well, theres only really one character) from the film 'Under the Skin' - such a creepy and atmospheric score that goes perfectly with that film. If you haven't watched the film I seriously recommend it.

Monday, July 7

Wedding Illustration Commissions

I recently did a couple of illustrations as presents for two couple's weddings! It was nice to work with a limited colour palette, and I rather liked the results...

If anyone would like to have a couple's wedding day illustrated by me, please feel free to contact me at to discuss pricings and the like! I think its a rather nice way to commemorate the occasion and is quite a thoughtful gift as well!

Saturday, July 5

Splinter Design's Animal Allstars

Splinter Design recently released a set of postcards to celebrate the 2014 World Cup, these are entitled the Animal Allstars. Each postcard represents a country participating in the World Cup, the front of the card features the flag and national animal of said country and the back features fixtures, facts and tips about the country's team.
The majority of the graphics/illustration work was produced by the talented Adam Irwin, but I had a chance to chip in a couple of illustrations myself so here they be (can you guess which countries each animal represents)?:

There is also a lovely animated version of these postcards over HERE. Its awesome.

I also created 3 bird characters, but they unfortunately didn't make the cut due to the side profile-ing of them; they looked a bit out of place compared to all the other Animal Allstars. But I still quite like my birds, so I thought they could hang out on my blog instead!

So there we go. Nice to try something new!